Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014


Elementary Basketball

Revised October 30, 2015.

League Rules
Unless specifically stated, the rules of basketball adopted by the National Federation of State High School Associations (2010-11) will be used.

These rules apply to both Elementary Boys and Girls teams.

Teams are not allowed to utilize the full court press until the 4th quarter.  For the first 3 quarters if a team gains player control (holding or dribbling) in its backcourt, the other team must immediately retreat to its backcourt.

The team must be allowed to advance the ball to the front court unimpeded

A team may have up to 20 players on its roster, but can only dress 15 players for each game.

A game is comprised of four 8-minute quarters.  Running time will be used for the first two quarters of a game, with stop time used for the third and fourth quarter only. (only stop time during first two quarters for time out or injury)

Teams are allowed to play both man-to-man and zone defence.

In the event of a tie after 4 regulation quarters, 4 minute stop time overtime periods will be played as needed to break the tie, utilizing the same full court press ruling as the 4th quarter (full court press is permitted).

The colour of T-shirts worn underneath jerseys must be the same as the dominant colour of the jersey.

All games will be played with a ball size 6 (28.5).

All rims must be 10 feet in height.

Home team should have alternate jerseys available if jerseys between teams are too similar, and the home team must change.

Referees will be arranged by the league convenor along with the referee coordinator for the area. A competent staff member may officiate the game, if and only if referees fail to arrive and both coaches agree. The game will not be counted in the league standings.

Sportsmanship and fair play are to be displayed at all times by players, coaches and fans.

All basketball leagues, U10, U12, Elem, U16 and U20 boys and girls must have a maximum plus or minus of +/-15 for scoring purposes.

If a player or coach is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike behaviour they are automatically suspended for the next game the team plays and it must be reported to the SSAF executive.

Once the season has begun, a team may not add individual player(s) to the roster unless s/he is new to the school.  An existing student of the school may not be added to the roster once the season has begun.

(1)      All ties in the standings are broken by head-to-head game played between the teams.  If the head-to-head games are tied, then the points for/against difference for those head-to-head games will be used as a second tie breaker.


(2)      Top 4 teams in each respective division will advance to the division playoffs as follows:

·      4th at 1st

·      3rd at 2nd


(3)      Winners of these games will advance to the league championship tournament with the top ranking team being seeded first and the other seeded second in their division.


(4)      The Championship tournament will be as follows:

·      South 2 vs. North 1

·      North 2 vs. South 1


(5)      Winners of the above games move on to the league finals.
(6)      There is to be a minimum 30 minute break between semi-finals and finals in back-to-back game situations for league play championships.
(7)      Whenever possible, convenors should do their best to attempt to make the home and away scheduling as fair as possible for all participating schools.



Team Responsibilities
(1)      All teams must complete the league eligibility sheet and email it to the league convenor within the specified time frame.


(2)      If a player is added in the season an additional form must be completed for that player.


(3)      In the north division, referee fees will be deducted from their SSAF accounts. In the south, referees are required to be paid on site.


(4)      The home team is required to provide and use official triplicate score sheets.


(5)      Home team must have scorers and timers for the game. A single timer and a single scorer may be used if they are trained and acceptable to the referee. The same timer and scorer should be employed throughout the game. These minor officials shall be located at the scorers and timers table on the side of the court.


(6)      The home team is responsible for emailing the results to the league convenor within 24 hours, including the properly filled out game sheet.


(7)      The host school that defaults because of facility problems is responsible for referee fees and any transportation costs of visiting schools.  Should facility problems arise during game play; the score will stand if more than 3/4 has been played.  If one half or less of the contest has been played, or if it is a playoff game, the game will be replayed in its entirety at a future date.