Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014


Elementary Open Flag Football

Revised September 22/17

General Rules

  • Each game will consist of 2 x 12 minute halves, run time with a 2-minute half time. Each team will be allowed a one-minute time out in the last two minutes of the game. This is for round robin play and finals.


  • The tournament will be played on a rectangular field (4 downs per possession, no first downs). Each team will start with the ball on it’s own twenty yard line to start the half or after the opposing team scores. If a team fails to score the defending team will take over the ball at the spot of the ball on the last down.


  • Elementary teams will use a regulation size football. All teams will be allowed a maximum of 6 players on the field at one time. There is no limit to the number of females on the field at once since not all teams have females. Teams may bring and dress a maximum of 15 players.


  • Any players who will be rushing the quarterback must line up 10 yards from the ball. All other defensive players may line up 1 yard from the line of scrimmage. If a player who is 1 yard from the line of scrimmage crosses the line before the rusher who is 10 yards back, an offside penalty will be assessed. Rushers are identified by raising their hand to indicate themselves as a rusher. This will be marked off prior to the beginning of each play.


  • Running the ball is allowed but only in the running zones. There will be a no running zone where teams cannot run the football. This zone will be marked at the five-yard line before the end zone. There is also no rushing the quarterback in this zone, as the defence does not line up 10 yards from the ball.


  • Each team will be required to wear appropriate flags (1.5 inches wide and a minimum of 1.5 feet long). If a team does not have flags that meet this requirement then they will be supplied flags by the tournament.


  • Teams only have 25 seconds between plays. This is to eliminate time wasting, and allows for a faster game. Teams that do not begin play after 25 seconds will be penalized 10 yards from the spot of the ball.


  • No fumbles will be allowed. It will be called a dead ball and the play will be stopped. This includes snaps to the quarterback.



  • A touchdown will be worth 6 points. No field goals are allowed. A two-point convert may be tried from the 10-yard line after each touchdown.
  • All round robin games that are ties remain a tie
  • Overtime in finals will be decided by flipping a coin for possession. The team that wins the flip will have first possession. If that team scores the opposing team will get a set of downs to score. If the team fails to score the game will be over. If both teams fail to score the team with the last down will give up the ball and a new set of downs will occur. This will continue until a team scores. This will be sudden victory, as the team that is scored on will not get a set of downs to score.


  • All penalties will result in 5 yards and a first down if against the defending team, 5 yards and a loss of down if against the offending team.
  • Penalties are as follows:
  • No shielding your flag
  • No diving for the opponent’s flag
  • No grabbing the opponents flag belt
  • Absolutely no intentional physical contact allowed between players, this includes holding and blocking


  • Certified officials will be used for the tournament. Zero tolerance for verbal abuse towards officials is in effect. If this is violated, players will be kicked out of the tournament.


  • Also, there is zero tolerance for trash talking. This will lead to the team being penalized and possible removal of players who consistently abuse this rule. (10-yard penalty and loss of down)