Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014

Elementary Open Golf

Revised September 11/15

***Generally accepted golf rules are in effect at all times. The following rules are specific to SSAF only.***

Specific SSAF Rules


  • Play commences at the start of the horn.


  • Each Player must have an individual score.


  • Players must carry their own clubs. The clubs that each player uses may be personal or rental clubs.


  • There is a double par maximum on each hole.


  • One penalty stroke will be given to a player who is out of bounds (in the bush or water or lost ball). There will not be an additional stroke for a lost ball.


  • A maximum time of three minutes will be allowed to search for your ball. If ball is not found a new ball must be played and a penalty stroke assessed.


  • Supervisors will keep score on the scorecard; students must keep track of their own score. Supervisors do your best to verify the accuracy of their score.


  • Anyone found cheating will receive a 20-stroke penalty above the worst score. This score will be one of the 3 score used to average out the team score.


  • Maintain pace with all the other groups. Do not go into the snack bar if there is no group in front of you.


  • Supervisors add scores and hand in scorecard at scoring table.


  • Coaches complete team score sheet and hand into scoring table.


  • Anyone found vandalizing the course or property will be disqualified from the tournament.



Additional Competition


Longest drive for U20, Elementary Boys and Girls and, Male and Female Supervisors


Closest to the hole for U20, Elementary Boys and Girls and, Male and Female Supervisors