Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014

Elementary Volleyball

Revised December/15

League Rules


  • These rules are in addition to the published rules of the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA).


  • These rules apply to both Elementary Boys and Girls Volleyball.


  • Matches are the best two of three, first two sets is played to 25 points, the third set is played to 15 points


  • Team must win a set/games by two with no cap


  • Rally point scoring at all times


  • Let Serve Rule


  • The served ball touches the top of the net and goes over to the opponents court, that will be considered a live or playable ball


  • In all Under 14 games, there is a maximum of five serves in a roll per player. After five successful serves, the next player in line takes their turn to serve.


  • Each team will be allowed two timeouts per set/game of 1 minute in duration each.


  • The height of nets used for Elementary games is as follows:
    Elementary Boys: 2.20 metres
    Elementary Girls: 2.15 metres


  • Teams can use two substitution systems. They can use either a continuous substitution via the centre or six back position, or use a maximum of 12 substitutions per match. Teams can use one system or the other, but cannot use both in the same set.


  • Once the season has begun, a team may not add individual player(s) to the roster unless s/he is new to the school. An existing student of the school may not be added to the roster once the season has begun. Players added to the roster during the season must apply with form to the convenor 24 hours before the match they are going to play. All new players must play 2 matches before the playoffs to be eligible for the playoffs.



Team Responsibilities


  • All teams must complete the league eligibility sheet and fax or email it to the league convenor within the specified time frame.


  • If a player is added in the season an additional form must be completed for that player.


  • Referees are to be paid on site.


  • The home team is required to have a proper triplicate form score sheet.


  • Home team must have scorers and timers for the game. A single timer and a single scorer may be used if they are trained and acceptable to the referee. The same timer and scorer should be employed throughout the game. These minor officials shall be located at the scorers and timers table on the side of the court.


  • The home team is responsible for emailing the results to the league convenor within 24 hours.


  • There must be mats covering the volleyball poles from the ground to bottom of the net, and antennae for marking the line on the net.


  • The host school that defaults because of facility problems is responsible for referee fees and any transportation costs of visiting schools. Should facility problems arise during game play; the score will stand if more than 3/4 has been played. If one half or less of the contest has been played, or if it is a playoff game, the game will be replayed in its entirety at a future date.






The Championship tournament is a one-day event, consisting of the top four teams from the South and North divisions. The playoff format is as follows:


Division 1                                Division 2

1st Place North                                    1st Place South

2nd Place South                        2nd Place North

3rd Place South                                    3rd Place North

4th Place North                                   4th Place South


Game # Court 1 Court 2 Score
1 1st N vs. 4th N 1st S vs. 4th S
2 2nd S vs. 3rd S 2nd N vs. 3rd N
3 1st N vs. 3rd S 1st S vs. 3rd N
4 2nd S vs. 4th N 2nd N vs. 4th S
5 2nd S vs. 1st N 2nd N vs. 1st S
6 3rd S vs. 4th N 3rd N vs. 4th S
7 1st Div. 1 vs. 2nd Div. 2 1st Div. 2 vs. 2nd Div. 1
8 Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 8



*** There is to be a minimum 30 minute break between semi-finals and finals in back-to-back game situations for league play championships. ***



Whenever possible, convenors should do their best to attempt to make the home and away scheduling as fair as possible for all participating schools.