Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014

Technical Guidelines

Under 12 Boys Ball Hockey


Revised September 11/14

General Rules


  • Each game will be officiated by one referee.


  • Games will consist of two 10-minute periods running time.


  • The last two minutes of the second period will be stop time if there is a one-goal difference in the score.


  • Each team will dress/bring no more than 12 players. There will be five players (4 players and a goalie) on the floor per team.


  • Due to spatial limitations, there can be no more than 2 adults on the bench.


  • All players must wear a CSA approved helmet with full-face protection, and protective type hockey gloves or lacrosse gloves. A mouth guard is highly recommended.


  • Goalies must wear gloves and a CSA approved helmet with full-face protection. All other equipment is optional.


  • Plastic or wooden hockey sticks may be used. No plastic blades where a screw is used to secure a blade may be used.


  • The goalie crease must be 5 feet across and 3 1/2 feet deep. Offensive players may not go into the goalie’s crease.
  • If an offensive player is deemed to be in the goalie’s crease under their own will, at the time the team scores, the goal will be disallowed.


  • High sticking is any stick that is raised above the shoulder whether it touches the ball or not.


  • High sticking, roughing, body checking, cross-checking, boarding, tripping and hooking (typical ice hockey rules) will be called and a 2 minute penalty will be assessed, except in the championship game where the last period will be stop time; a two-minute penalty stop time will be assessed.


  • A face off will resume the game after the whistle has been blown.


  • If a goalie covers the puck for longer than a three-steamboat count, there will be a whistle and a face off in the zone.


  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct may result in ejection from the game (at the referee’s discretion). Any fighting will result in disqualification from the tournament for the player(s) involved and a seven-minute penalty will be assessed to the team.


  • A soft orange or blue ball hockey ball will be used to play all the games.


  • Substitutions may be done on the fly or after a whistle. During substitution the player coming off must be completely off before the next player can join the play.


  • It is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure that the proper SSAF eligibility sheet be submitted within the specified time frame.


  • In the event of a tie; in the preliminary round, the game will be considered a tie; in the playoff rounds, the game will go into penalty shots. For the penalty shots each team picks any five shooters from the roster (the player(s) must have played in that game). Both shooters must shoot at the same time on opposing goaltenders. If at the end of the five shooters the score remains tied then another round of sudden death penalty shots will follow. Each team has to let everyone who is dressed have a penalty shot before one can shoot a second time. If teams have a different number of players then an equal number of players on each team will take a penalty shot based on the number of players on the smaller team.


  • In the event of tie in the championship game, the teams shall play five-minute sudden death overtime. If at the end of overtime the teams remain tied then penalty shots will proceed.


(20)     A. In the case of a tie between schools the first tie breaker will be head to head.

  1. If still tied, points against will be the next determining factor (prevents running up of score).
  2. If they are still tied, the team that has scored the most goals.
  3. If they are still tied, the team that has the least penalty minutes.
  4. If they are still tied after scenario D, a coin toss will be used.


  • Each team is responsible to bring pinnies (different colour than your jerseys) in

case you play another team that is wearing the same colour as you. If only one

team brought pinnies, the other team will wear them. If both teams brought their

pinnies, a coin flip will decide who wears them.