Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014


Under 12 Coed Basketball

Revised September 22/17

General Rules


  • All games will consist of two halves and will use the 28.5 intermediate basketballs.


  • Halftime shall be no longer than 5 minutes. At least a five-minute pre-game warm-up will be given if games are running behind schedule. No games will start before their scheduled time unless agreed to by both coaches.


  • A total of two (2) 30-second time-outs per half will be allowed to each team. One (1) additional time out of 30 seconds per team will be awarded for each overtime period.


  • There will be no carry over of timeouts to the three-minute overtime periods.


  • The clock will not be stopped for all whistle stoppages. As it is a younger children’s event, games will be in running time.(clock will stop for injuries and time outs)


  • If a game is within 10 points at the final 2 minute mark of the game, then the final 2 minutes of the games will be played Stop Time. If a game is not within 10 points, then it will remain running time.


  • Two (2) direct technical fouls during a same game on any player, coach, or team representative will result in their disqualification for the rest of the tournament. Coaches are cautioned to keep in mind the spirit of this introductory tournament and abide by all rules of sportsmanship.


  • Team must play “Person-to- Person” Defence on its back-court at all time.


  • Team is not allowed to play “Zone Defence” at any time during a game


  • Team is allowed to play “Full Court Press Defence” during the last two minutes of a game. “Trapping and Double-Teaming” are allowed during last two minutes of a game and are not considered as unsportsmanlike violations.


  • All basketball leagues must have a maximum plus or minus of +/-15 for scoring purposes



Roster Rules
  • An official SSAF eligibility sheet must be completed and submitted within the specified time frame.
  • Teams are allowed to dress 15 players only.
  • U-12 co-ed basketball teams must have at least two girls on the court at all times.
  • Students that have participated at a higher age level of basketball during the current school year (i.e. Elementary Basketball) may not participate.
  • No roster additions will be permitted after the team has begun play of its first tournament game.
  • Please understand that this tournament is much like an exhibition or “friendly” event. We encourage all teams to play with the highest level of respect for their competitors, coaches, and referees. It is imperative that a harsh competitive atmosphere not contaminates the fun spirit of basketball and a desire to win at all cost.
Pool Pair and Playoff Pairings
  • Tournament schedule is dictated by number of teams participating (please try to have a minimum of 3 games to play for each team).
  • The following criteria will be used to determine playoff placing.
    1. Win-loss record.
      i) If two teams are tied with the same record, the head-to-head winner will be seeded higher.
      ii) If more than two teams are tied, the tie breaker will be total point differential (points scored for/points scored against) in games involving the tied teams. If a tie exists between three or more teams, the points for and against method will be used with a cap of 20 points per game. (Example: Team A wins by 32 points, only a point spread of +15 will be used for that game, not a +32). The team with the highest points for and against value will be given priority ranking. The team with the second highest points for and against value will be given the secondary ranking. Scores against teams(s) not involved in the three way tie are discarded.
    2. If two teams remain tied, head-to-head will be used.
  • If there is still a tie, or there is a three team tie, a coin toss will be used. (Example: Three pool games of the three teams tied:
    Game One:   A 50 – B 45
    Game Two:   B 60 – C 38
    Game Three: C 45 – C 37Team A: Game One (+5), Game Three (-8) = -3 points for and against
    Team B: Game Two (-5), Game Three (+15) = +10 points for and against
    Team C: Game Two (-15), Game Three (+8) = -7 points for and against

    Team B receives the priority ranking.
    Team A receives the secondary ranking and advances to the playoffs.
    Team C is eliminated and is not eligible for the playoffs.