Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014

Revised December 30/19

General Rules

Each game will consist of 2 x 15 minute halves, running time with a 2 minute warm-up and a 3 minute half time.  There will be NO timeouts.  This applies to both round robin play and playoff rounds. There is no injury time due to time constraints.

All teams will be allowed a maximum of 8 players including 1 goalie on the field at one time.  Substitutions are made on the fly.  A team may bring up to 20 participants.

As a co-ed tournament it is always a pleasure to watch both male and female players play together.  In order to promote the spirit of the tournament each team must always have at least three members of each sex playing on the field.

A size 4 regulation outdoor soccer ball will be used.

Shin pads are mandatory for all players.

Referees’ decisions are FINAL.  We fully expect referees to call the games fairly but if coaches disagree with a call we remind them to demonstrate proper sportsmanship and agree with the referee’s decision. Zero tolerance for verbal abuse towards officials is in effect.  Any violations will result in immediate action, up to and including removal of the offender from the tournament.  Zero tolerance for trash-talking is also in effect.  Violations will result in a 2 minute penalty and removal of offenders from the tournament.

The HOME TEAM (designated on the schedule) will begin play with a kickoff at center.  The ball must be passed forward and cross the centre line before play can commence.

Indirect free kicks will be awarded for any fouls.  If the ball is kicked out of play a throw in from the side lines will be awarded to the opposing team.

A 2-minute penalty will be assessed for any purposeful body contact or major rule infractions.  The team assessed the penalty will play 1 man short for 2 minutes.  The player may return to play when the penalty has expired.  Penalties will expire if the opposing team scores a goal.

Handballs will result in a free kick for the opposing team.  A handball is considered any contact from the shoulder down to the fingertips, discretion to the referee.

The goalkeeper may not use their hands outside of the crease.  To clear the ball after a save, the goalkeeper may either throw the ball or kick the ball from the ground.

Blatant off-side rule to apply at the discretion of the referee.

After a goal is scored, the ball will be placed at center for a kick off by the team that was scored on.

A retreat line will be marked by cones at the spot on the field where there would be a ‘line’.  The ‘retreat line’ serves to increase the amount of players who get touches in the game.  The line is employed only on a ‘dead ball’ whistle that results in a goal kick (not every time the goalie touches/saves the ball).  The opposing team must retreat back behind the ‘retreat line’ until the ball is played from the ground by the goalie.  Once the goalie has played the ball the opposing team may challenge.

There will be no overtime in round robin play. Ties in determining playoff spots will be decided by a) head to head, b) goals against, c) penalties for, d) goals for and finally e) a coin toss.

All spectators must stay in the stands/along the sidelines at all times and cannot stand behind the nets.

If a team fails to show up on time for kickoff a 5 minute grace period will be allowed after which a 1-0 score will be applied. If both teams fail to show up for a schedule game a 0-0 score will be applied.

Playoff Rounds

Overtime in playoffs will consist of a coin toss for possession or choice of side.  The team that wins the flip will either choose to have 1st possession or choose which side they would like to start on.  Overtime will be a 5-minute sudden victory period.  If both teams fail to score in the first 5 minute sudden victory, a 2nd 5 minute sudden victory period will be played.  If both teams fail to score after the 2nd sudden victory, a penalty shootout will occur.

If a penalty shootout is needed 5 penalty shooters will be chosen by each coach and submitted to the referee.  A coin toss will take place at this time to determine which team will shoot first if needed.  The winner of the coin toss may choose if he/she wants their team to shoot first or second.

Penalty shootouts will take place as follows – All kickers and the 2 goalkeepers will follow the referee’s instructions as to where they should be on the field.  All kicks will take place on the same net.  Both teams will alternate their 5 penalty kick shooters in the order listed on their sheet.  If the game is still tied after all 5 shooters have gone, then one by one the coaches may select their sudden victory kickers.  Each team has to let everyone who is dressed have a penalty shot before one can shoot a second time. If teams have a different number of players then an equal number of players on each team will take a penalty shot based on the number of players on the smaller team.  This will be tracked by the referee.