Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014

Technical Guidelines

U20 Badminton

Revised April, 2018

General Rules


CATEGORIESEach school may enter two teams in each of the following events for each age division using the official team roster form (available on SSAF  website)

  1. Boys’ Singles
  2. Boys’ Doubles
  3. Girls’ Singles
  4. Girls’ Doubles
  5. Mixed Doubles

Each student may play in only one event.

Entry fee of $10.00 per student to be deducted from SSAF Account.


Tournament play will be double elimination.  The governing rules will be NEW I.B.F. BADMINTON SCORING.  Please familiarize your players with the official rules.  Books are available from BADMINTON CANADA or go to the website at www.internationalbadminton.org.


(Please note that a player may be disqualified if the convenor deems attire is inappropriate or not conducive to play). Uniform code will be strictly enforced.

Please enforce that team players only wear:

Official School Athletic Uniform – All players must wear the same T-shirt with short sleeves (shoulders must be covered) and shorts, with name of school clearly marked.  No PANTS, HATS OR HEADGEAR (except for religious or medical reasons, please inform convenor).  Please have players remove all jewelry.  No markings indicating clubs or badminton championships are permitted. Participant must wear uniform at all times.

All participants must wear protective eyewear during matches.


Number of finalists for each venue for each age category is dependant upon the number of venues which is subject to number of participants.

3 venues:

The top 4 places at each venue for each category will advance to the FINAL SSAF CHAMPIONSHIPS for a final draw of 12 players. The 5th and 6th place will be determined as an alternate player.

4 venues:

The top 3 places at each venue for each category will advance to the FINAL SSAF CHAMPIONSHIPS for a final draw of 12 players.  The 4th, 5th, and 6th place will be determined for alternate players


  1. All players will be assigned a number.  Players will have 4 minutes to start play after their numbers are called.  This will include warm-up time.  A second call will be made after 2 minutes.  Players failing to appear within 4 minutes may be forced to forfeit.
  2. When a player’s number is called for a match, the player is asked to report to the scorer’s table to pick up a game shuttle.  If a new shuttle is required during the match, the old one must be turned in.  When the match is finished, the winner must return the shuttle to the scorer’s desk and report the score.
  3. Yellow shuttles will be available.
  4. The first service of the first game will be decided by a toss of the bird.  In subsequent games, the first service shall be taken by the winner of the previous game.
  5. A match consists of the best two out of three games.
  6. The side that first scores 21 points shall win; the side winning a rally shall add 1 point to its score.
  7. When the score becomes 20-20, the side which scores 2 consecutive points shall win that game, if the score becomes 29-29, the side that scores the 30th point shall win that game.
  8. The side winning a game serves first in the next game.
  9. When one side reaches 11 points, both players may have a 60 second break but may not leave the court.  No coaching at this time.
  10. Both sides get a 2 minute break between first and second games, and another 2 minute break between the second and third game. Players may not leave the court at this time. Coaches may speak to players on the court.
  11. Please note:  For doubles matches, the rules are one service only, back service line remains and the current rule applies.
  12. Competitors are responsible for calling their own lines, keeping their own scores, etc.  If a line call is in doubt, the player must call it in.  No re-serves should take place.  If a problem arises, players should confer with the convenor.  The convenor may designate an umpire and/or provide lines people for that match.
  13. Coaches and team members (spectators) are reminded that no coaching, including the calling of the lines, shall take place during the match.  Coaching by the designated coach is allowed during the 2 minute break between games only and not at the 11-point rest period.
  14. Players may not leave the court during or in between games.
  15. Players and spectators must follow proper court etiquette, including proper attire.  Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.  (ie:  loud, profane, abusive language, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.)  The player will risk disqualification.
  16. Substitutions may be made up until the first game of a player.  If a player is injured and cannot resume play, the team will forfeit.  For the second round, if a player scratches, he may not be replaced by another team mate; the next finalist will be eligible.
  17. There is to be no longer than a ten (10) minute rest between back-to-back matches.
  18. There will be no longer than one five (5) minutes of injury time for assessment per match.



Please be aware that classes at TWS, TMSE and ARS are in session on these tournament days.  Please be sure your students are well supervised while in the halls and cafeteria. Food and drink to be consumed in the designated areas of each host school/venue.

No food in the gym – water only.   Please have students clear their own garbage.

Practicing MAY NOT take place in the hallways.  Please inform your players and help to enforce.

All venues do not have large spectator areas, so we would ask that you limit the spectators.  All spectators are asked to stay in assigned spectator areas, only players and coaches allowed on court.

PHOTOGRAPHS (please pass on to parents):  

Only official school photography or personal photographs may take place without flashes.  No photographs are to be placed on any social networking sites.  A reminder that some parents/students have not given permission to their respective schools to have photographs taken of  them.



Team Awards:

1st place – 5 points

2nd place – 3 points

3rd place – 2 point

4th place – 1 point

First place team will be presented with a banner.

Individual Awards:

Medals will be presented to the first and second place finishers in each event.

Ribbons will be awarded to the third and fourth place finisher in each event.