Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014

U20 Cross Country

Revised September 11, 2015

General Rules


  • Race distances are as follows:
    1. U16 Boys’ & U16 Girls’     approx. 3000-3500 m
    2. U20 Boys’ & U20 Girls’     approx. 3500-4000 m


  • Runners will receive race number to identify them at the finish line.
  • Maps will be included in the race invitation and course description.


  • Each participating team MUST provide one official/marshal.
    a) Each race MUST have an adult/senior student rabbit and sweeper.
    b) A cell phone and walkie-talkies should be available for race hosts.
    c) Marshals will be placed at important places throughout the course. The marshals should be in pairs (with bright coloured pinneys) in case one must leave to assist a competitor.
    d) An official panel of judges (3) will be drawn from the host school and selected visitors to adjudicate disputes – decisions will be made by majority vote.


  • Start area:
    a) Make sure there are clear signs directing the schools to the start area.
    b) The start line will measure 70-80m wide, and will remain that way for approximately the first 100m of the race.
    c) When space is tight on the starting line each school is allowed a maximum of 2 runners on the line, with all other teammates behind them.


  • Finish area:
    a) The finish chute should be at least 7m wide, and remain that way for at least 10 m.
    b) After 10 m the chute will be narrowed to prevent passing.
    c) There will be 2 finish judges, and 3-4 people taking stickers, depending on the size of the meet. There will also be officials in the chute to control the order of finish, and provide assistance if needed.


  • In order for a race (age division) to be awarded a banner, there must be at least 4 different schools participating in that particular race. Each individual school must have at least 3 runners in a particular race in order to be eligible for that banner.


    Top 10 in each division= placement ribbon
    Top 3 in each division= placement ribbon and a medallionBanners- based on top 3 runners from your school (You must have 3 in your
    division to qualify for a banner)
    Banner for each division and gender.



Team Responsibilities


  • All teams must complete the SSAF eligibility sheet and fax or email it to the convenor within the specified time frame.


  • Each participating team MUST provide one official/marshal.
  • Coaches must ensure all students know their times.


  • All athletes must wear school shirts with school name clearly identifiable, or face possible disqualification.


  • All parents and spectators are to remain behind the boundaries throughout the course so as not to interfere with the runners.