Yvonne Cahill

September 14, 2014

Under 20 Volleyball

Revised September 11/15

League Rules

  • These rules are in addition to the published rules of the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA).


  • These rules apply to both Under 20 Boys and Girls Volleyball.


  • Matches are the best two of three. First two games are played to 25 points (a cap of 30 points), and the third game is played to 15 points (a cap of 20 points).


  • Team must win games by two points
  • Rally point scoring at all times


  • Let Serve Rule


  • If the served ball touches the top of the net and goes over to the opponent’s court, that will be considered a live or playable ball.


  • In all Under 20 games, there will be an unlimited number of serves in a row per player.


  • Each team will be allowed two timeouts per game, each 1 minute in duration.


  • Warm- up will be in the format of 3-3-2. This must begin at the scheduled game time, regardless if teams are ready or not.


  • The height of nets used will be: Under 20 Boys games – 2.43 metres

Under 20 Girls Games – 2.24 metres


  • Teams can use two substitution systems. They can use either a continuous substitution via the centre or six back position, or use a maximum of 12 substitutions per match. Teams can use one system or the other, but cannot use both in the same set.


  • All players must wear the same colour numbered jersey, where each player has their own number. No duplicate numbers are permitted. Teams are reminded to bring alternate coloured numbered uniforms in case of a jersey colour conflict. The home team will change jerseys.





  • All ties in standings are broken by the head to head game played between the teams.


  • Playoff structure will vary year to year based on numbers of teams in the league. This rule is outlined in the

rules sent out to all teams at the beginning of the season.


(3)   Playoffs will depend on the number of teams in the U-20 division. If there are less than eight teams, then there
will only be Semi-Final and Final games. The top four teams will advance to the playoff with 1st vs 4th and

2nd vs 3rd and the winners of each semi-final advancing to the final. If there are eight teams or more, the
convener may choose to run a quarter-finals match prior to semi-finals and finals. This may be done at the
discretion of the convener.


(4)   There is to be a minimum 30 minute break between semi-finals and finals in back-to-back game situations for
league play championships.


  • Whenever possible, convenors should do their best to attempt to make the home and away scheduling as fair

as possible for all participating schools.




Team Responsibilities


  • All teams must hand in their school’s non-play dates to the convenor when requested to do so. All schedules are made around these dates and the convenor needs time to send out several copies of a schedule to ensure it is accurate and approved by all teams.


  • All teams must complete the league eligibility sheet and fax or email it to the league convenor within the specified time frame.


  • Referees are to be paid on site at the rates specified by the convenor and referee assignor prior to the start of the season.


  • The home team is required to have an official triplicate OVA game sheet. These are available from OVA at the Sport Alliance building located at 3 Concorde Gate, Toronto. They may be contacted at 416-426-7316.


  • Host schools must have scorers and timers for the game. A single timer and a single scorer may be used if they are trained and acceptable to the referee. The same timer and scorer should be employed throughout the game. These minor officials shall be located at the scorers and timers table on the side of the court.


  • The home team is responsible for emailing the results to the league convenor within 24 hours, or risk a default, regardless of the game outcome.


  • Teams that cannot compete on the day of the game due to lack of players will forfeit the game. This team will be required to pay the full referee fees for that game. As weather can play a factor in team’s ability to get to facilities, schools should make a decision by noon of game day and contact all schools involved, including the convenor if they cannot make the game. If a game is cancelled due to weather, a reschedule date will be agreed upon by all schools involved and the convenor.


  • Teams that arrive late must be prepared to play right away without a warm-up. If a team is late to a game by more than 15 minutes without contacting the host school they will forfeit the game.


  • Jewellery must be removed prior to the start of a game. This includes, but is not limited to any plastic or metal items.


  • Each team must have alternate colour numbered pinneys or jerseys in case of colour conflict. The Home Team will change jerseys.


  • Teams may dress a maximum of 15 players. Due to spatial limitations, there can be no more than 2 adults on the bench.