November 17, 2016

Registration for Boys U20 Basketball is now open! The border line for North and South Divisions is tentative, but last year it was the 401.

Please provide the following things when you register, or look at my example below…

Name and email of coach (and AD if necessary)
Whether you can host or not
Your non play dates, games are Mondays and Wednesdays, please indicate if you can play Fridays as well (season begins Monday, January 14th and ends around March 8th)

14 thoughts on “Boys U20 Basketball

  1. Blyth2018 Post author

    Blyth Academy Lawrence Park is in!
    Justin Dupuis Coaching ( Nick Ebel AD (
    Cannot Host
    No Plays: January 30th, February 4th, 18th, March 11-15
    Fridays only if rescheduling

  2. pca712

    PCA is in!
    Andrew Atkinson is coaching and AD (
    Cannot host
    Non-play dates: January 21-25th, February 18th, March 6-14th
    Fridays only if rescheduling
    Thank you!

  3. tcmpsk12

    Town Centre is in. Coach is (
    Copy all emails to (
    We can host Mon., Tues., and Thursdays. We can play Fridays when necessary.
    Non play calendar has been drafted and sent to admin. for edit. Will send ASAP.

  4. WCS

    Whitefield is in!
    Coach: Murray Mikelait (, AD: Dorcas Jew (
    Yes, we can host.
    Non play dates: Feb 4, 6, 8, 14, 15, 18, 21, 26, March 11-24
    Yes, we can play on Fridays.
    Thank you!

  5. Metro Prep

    Metro is in. We can host and would like to host as much as possible.

    Non play dates are January 12th to 27th.

  6. Royal Crown

    Royal Crown is in!

    We cannot host at this moment. However, we may be moving to a brand new location at the beginning of January and potentially be able to host moving forward. I will provide more details in December
    Fridays are good for us (would prefer an earlier start at 3 if possible)
    Non-play dates: Dec. 24 – Jan. 4 (if applicable) & Jan.15-18
    Thank you!

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