15 thoughts on “u20 Girls Volleyball North & South

  1. pca712

    Peoples Christian Academy is in!
    Coaches are Peter (pchoi@pca.ca) AND Grace (gli@pca.ca)
    We cannot host any games
    Our non-play dates are January 22-26th

  2. lin112

    Linden is in – thanks Neil.
    We can host, but we do not have a regulation size court.
    Our non-play dates are:
    Jan 11, Feb 15

  3. tcmpsk12

    Town Centre is in. Coaches (daniela.dipinto@tcmps.com) and (julia.ahadie@tcphs.com)
    Please copy all emails to: (kevin.tushingham@tcphs.com)

  4. Blyth2018

    Blyth Academy is in!

    Our coach is Jacob Taylor (jacobtaylor.blyth@gmail.com) please CC Nick Ebel (nick.ebel@blytheducation.com)

    We cannot host and our non play dates are January 8-12, 31 and February 2-7, 19, 21, 26-28

  5. uog912

    UOG is in! Thanks, Neil.

    We cannot host.

    Coaches: Jonathan Parker (jparker@bastoronto.org) and Miriam Bessin (mbessin@bastoronto.org)

    I’ll send you our non-play dates shortly.

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