November 13, 2018

This years u20 girls volleyball season is now open.  Registration will close next Friday, November 23rd.

Please provide whether you are a host school or not along with your NON-PLAY dates.

Thank you

15 thoughts on “u20 girls volleyball

  1. arsk12

    Hi Neil,
    ARS is in. We can and prefer to host when possible. Here are our non play dates.

    Non-play dates:
    January 21-28
    February 14-15
    February 18
    February 28
    March 11-15

  2. tcmpsk12

    Town Centre is in. Coach TBD. Email (kevin.tushingham@tcphs.com)
    We can host Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have one court. Non play calendar has been sent to admin. for final edit, will be sent ASAP.

  3. WCS

    Whitefield is in.
    Coach: Felix Chow (wkchowfelix1@gmail.com), AD: Dorcas Jew (djew@wcschools.ca)
    Yes, we can host (however, also hosting U20 boys basketball, not sure if there is overlap)
    Non play dates: Feb 4, 6, 8, 14, 15, 18, 21, 26, March 11-24
    Thank you!

  4. pca712

    PCA is in!
    Peter Choi is coaching (pchoi@pca.ca) and AD is Andrew (aatkinson@pca.ca)
    Cannot host
    Non-play dates: January 21-25th, February 18th & 28th, March 6-14th
    Thank you!

  5. Metro Prep

    Metro Prep is in. We can host and would love to host as much as possible.

    Non play dates are Jan 12th to Jan 27th

  6. wwk12

    WillowWood school is in
    From coaches: Host only our games because our gym will get booked up around this season and other sports will need it…also no double court

    Non play dates
    Jan 1-8, 23-31
    Feb 1, 5, 13-15, 18, 19-23
    march 7-18, 27
    april 19, 22

  7. uog912

    UOG is in!
    We can host a small amount of games but generally prefer to travel.
    Will send non-play dates shortly.
    Thanks, Neil!

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