Yvonne Cahill

September 9, 2019

Elementary Girls’ Basketball – North AND South

Registration opens: Wednesday September 11th  @ 9:00 am

Registration Closes:  Wednesday September 18th  @ 9:00 am

I will require yours school’s no-play dates and no-host dates (if you are a hosting school) right away, please.  The league schedule will be posted here and emailed out once completed.

All games will be held on Tuesdays and Thursday with start time of 4:00pm, unless otherwise noted.  The Final Four will be held Tuesday December 3rd at Tall Pines School and will take place during the school day, beginning at 10:00am.

I will need your eligibility list by no less than 7 calendar days  prior to the first game of the season (not your school’s first game)

To find the playing regulations, click the following link:


-then find the Elementary Girls basketball guidelines, click that.

The following link is to the SSAF eligibility list:


The following link is to the electronic version of the waiver form for parents to do:


Your parents can click on your school name, fill out the form.



Yvonne Cahill

11 thoughts on “Elementary Girls’ Basketball – North; South

  1. UTS78

    uts is in. the coach is melanie adler but all information can be emailed to me. our unplayables are:
    september 24
    september 25
    october 23rd
    october 30, 31
    nov. 1
    nov. 8
    nov. 11

    No Host dates (yvonne please keep in mind we have not received the boys varsity volleyball schedule from the tdcaa yet – they play on tuesday and thursdays however it is a short season and we should be hosting only 3 games.: otherwise
    Oct. 2

    thanks for convening Yvonne.


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