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David Cordner

August 30, 2016

U12 TIER 1 Co-ed Indoor Soccer

Where: Downsview Hangar (75 Carl Hall Road)

When: Monday October 22 , 2018

Time: 9am-4pm

Registration opens: Friday September 7 @ 8:30 am

Registration Closes: Friday September 21 @ 8:30 am.

I will be taking a maximum of 20 teams.  Tournament schedule will be  posted here and emailed out the week of Sept. 24-28.

Yvonne ( and I will need your rosters and waivers by no less than 1 week before the tournament, therefore, rosters and waivers are due by Monday October 15! Please email both of us.

To find the rules, click the following:

-then find the Coed Indoor U12 soccer rules, click that.

The following link is to the eligibility roster:


The following link is to the paper version waiver:

The following link is to the electronic version of the waiver form for parents to do:

Your parents can click on your school name, fill out the form.



  1. No one on your roster can be 12 years of age. All your athletes must have been born in the year 2007 or later.
  2. There has to be at least 3 girls on the field.


David Cordner

Athletic Director

TMS School