Is your school interested in being part of the SSAF?

A school may participate in regular exhibition play after providing a sincere and genuine expression of interest in SSAF membership. This submission to the Heads and/or Chair of the SSAF should be accompanied by representation at the General Meetings in August, December, March and June. This does not represent an application for membership.

Application for Membership

  • Application for Membership must be submitted to the SSAF Executive before April 1 of the current school year prior to the school year in which membership is sought. After this application is submitted, the SSAF Executive will immediately circulate the application to the SSAF member schools for review.
  • This application must include the proposed athletic involvement of the applying school with the SSAF and a list of sports and teams (age groups) offered by the applying school.
  • This application must also include a detailed list of home playing venues for the sports in which the applying school wishes to participate. These venues must meet minimum safety requirements as detailed in provincial safety guidelines and be of the required dimensions for game competition at the applicable level(s). If rental facilities are used, regular availability for booking must be confirmed.
  • Prior to acceptance by the SSAF as a Full Member, the school seeking membership must have participated on an exhibition basis for a minimum of one sports team in each of the sports in which the applicant wishes to participate. Exhibition play would constitute a minimum of three games with three different SSAF member schools in each of the sports in which the applicant wishes to participate.
  • Please note you can use the online form to provide us with your school information.

Online Application Form

NOTE: SSAF is not longer accepting applications for 2016-2017

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