Updating Information, Schedules and Results

Follow the steps below to update an Athletic Event Information

NOTE: (Conveners Only)

1.  Click on the Log in button on the right side panel >>>>

2.  A new window will open.  Input your credentials (User Name and Password)

Remember: Only conveners will be able to edit information in Posted Athletic Event. 

3. Once you log in you will see the “dashboard” of your account

4. Click on available “Posts” on the left side panel. If you do not see the post you need, please contact your school’s Athletic director or send an e-mail to webmaster@ssaf.ca requesting the post creation.

NOTE: New posts will not be seen by all members. Only authorized posts are visible to everyone.

5. Once you find the post you need to edit. Hover the cursor over the name of the athletic event you are convening and click on “Quick edit” or “Edit”.

5.1.  Use “Quick” edit for Opening and closing the registration to the event

5.2.  Use “Edit” to add or remove particular information related to the event.

6. Click on “Quick Edit” if you are opening or closing the registration time.

6.1.  Check  the “Allow comments” box to Open for others to register

6.2.  Uncheck  the “Allow comments” box to Close the registration

8. Once you finish editing the post, Click on “Update” (Right side of the panel)

9. Remember to Log out (top right corner)

Find the log out link at the top right by hovering over the icon log out