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Elementary Dodgeball

Here is the schedule for December 4th at the Hangar. 75 Carl Hall Rd. North York

Elementary Dodgeball Schedule

                                 Court 1                                Court 2                                       Pool A

9:00 AM                   PACE vs HMS                      WW vs CGMA                                PACE


9:25 AM                   NTCS vs APA                       DA vs MPA                                     WW


9:50 AM                   NM vs BAN                          TGS vs TC

                                                                                                                                        Pool B

10:15 AM                 SJA vs EA                             NGS vs TP                                       NTCS


10:40 AM                 WW vs PACE                       HMS vs CGMA                               DA


11:05 AM                 DA vs NTCS                         MPA vs APA          

                                                                                                                                        Pool C

11:30 AM                 NM vs TGS                           TC vs BAN                                     NM


11:55 AM                 SJA vs TP                             NGS vs EA                                       TGS


12:20 PM                  PACE vs CGMA                  APA vs WW

                                                                                                                                        Pool D

12:45 PM                  NTCS vs MPA                     HMS vs DA                                      SJA


1:10 PM                    NM vs TC                            BAN vs TGS                                    NGS


1:45 PM                    SJA vs NGS                         TP vs EA        

2:10 PM                   (U) 1A vs 2B                        (V) 1C vs 2D

2: 35 PM                  (W) 2A vs 1B                        (X) 2C vs 1D            

3:00 PM                   Win U vs Win V                   Win W vs Win X

3:25 PM                   Championship                       Third Place game

3:50 PM                 Medals and Banner Presentation