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March 23, 2015

April 3, 2017

Playtime Bowl

9:30 registration

Finished by 2:30

$20 per bowler includes pizza lunch

U20 and elementary divisions

Entry deadline is for submission of the entry form and the Eligibility list is due March 10th. Additional playing Regs are on the SSAF website.

Hello everyone

There has been a change to the bowling schedule due to too many declarations this year. We apologise in advance however it needed to be done in order to accommodate everyone.Without this change we would all be limited to 7 bowlers per school.

The plan is as follows:

Elementary will be on March 31 (as previously planned). You must limit your elementary team to 12 bowlers (since we have more than 13 schools participating). If you have a few more than that Fred will let you know after all the eligibility lists have been submitted.

U20 will be on April 3rd. Right now we have 7 teams participating which will allow us a little more flexibility with numbers. Lets say no more than 20 participants per school.

Please submit all your paperwork by March 10th and we will get back to you after March Break (March 22) on whether we will be able to accommodate more students or not.

Again we apologise for the changes however we did not know that the bowling place was under renovations and that we would have this many declarations this year.

Thank you for your understanding