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September 1, 2016

U20 Flag Football, October 24th, 2018

All teams will play four games against teams in their respective pools. The top team in each pool will play one another in the championship, while the second place teams in each pool will play one another in the third place game.


Everest Academy
Willow Wood
Metro Prep


Toronto Prep
Newton’s Grove
Hudson College
St. Jude’s
Blyth LP

09:00am Field A Everest vs. UMS
09:00am Field B Toronto Prep vs. Newton’s Grove
09:30am Field A TCMS vs. Willow Wood
09:30am Field B Hudson College vs. St. Jude’s
10:00am Field A Metro Prep vs. Everest
10:00am Field B Blyth LP vs. Toronto Prep
10:30am Field A UMS vs. TCMS
10:30am Field B Newton’s Grove vs. Hudson College
11:00am Field A Willow Wood vs. Metro Prep
11:00am Field B St. Jude’s vs. Blyth LP
11:30am Field A Everest vs. TCMS
11:30am Field B Toronto Prep vs. Hudson College
12:00pm Field A UMS vs. Willow Wood
12:00pm Field B Blyth LP vs. Newton’s Grove
12:30pm Field A Metro Prep vs. UMS
12:30pm Field B St. Jude’s vs. Toronto Prep
01:00pm Field A Everest vs. Willow Wood
01:00pm Field B Newton’s Grove vs. St. Jude’s
01:30pm Field A TCMS vs. Toronto Prep
01:30pm Field B Hudson College vs. Blyth LP
02:00pm Field A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 1st Pool A vs. 1st Pool B
02:00pm Field B THIRD PLACE GAME 2nd Pool A vs. 2nd Pool B