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May 4, 2016

Co-ed U12 Outdoor Soccer Tournaments

Date: Tuesday May 23rd for Tier I, Wednesday May 24th for Tier II

Location: Wismer Park (980 Bur Oak Ave. Markham, ON)

Start time: 9:00 am       End time: Depends on numbers, usually around 4:00pm

Registration opens: Monday April 10th, 9:00am

Registration closes: Tuesday April 18th, 9:00am

Convenors: Christopher Woodward, Sunnybrook School ( and Tory Boeckh, RDS (

Eligibility: Please send to and no later than Tuesday May 16th, 2017.


Tier I – Tuesday May 23rd @ Wismer Park:


Team Pool A (field1) Pool B


Pool C


Pool D


3 Pace KCS CMS Howlett
4 Tall Pines Bond MGOS LFT2



TIME Field 1 (West) Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 (East)
9:00 A1 vs A4 B1 vs B4 C1 vs C4 D1 vs D4
9:40 A2 vs A3 B2 vs B3 C2 vs C3 D2 vs D3
10:20 A1 vs A3 B1 vs B3 C1 vs C3 D1 vs D3
11:00 A2 vs A4 B2 vs B4 C2 vs C4 D2 vs D4
11:40 A1 vs A2 B1 vs B2 C1 vs C2 D1 vs D2
12:20 A3 vs A4 B3 vs B4 C3 vs C4 D3 vs D4
Top two teams from each pool advances to playoffs (A1,B1,C1,D1,A2,B2,C2,D2)

In case of tie, tiebreaker = 1. Head to head; 2. Least goals against; 3. Least penalties against; 4. Goals for. 5. Coin toss.

3rd and 4th place teams will play in a festival style format after the playoffs have been decided.

1:00 Pool A3 vs Pool B3 Pool A4 vs Pool D4 Pool C3 vs Pool D 3 Pool B4 vs Pool  C4
1:40 Q1 = A1 vs B2 Q2 = B1 vs A2 Q3 = C1 vs D2 Q4 = C2 vs D1
2:20 Pool A3 vs Pool C3 Pool A4 vs Pool B 4 Pool B3 vs Pool D3 Pool D4 vs Pool C4
3:00 Winners of Q1 vs Q2 Losers of Q1 vs Q2

(2nd place finishers)

Winners of Q3 vs Q4 Losers of Q3 vs Q4

(2nd place finishers)

3:40 FINAL 3Rd Place


Tier II Wednesday May 24th @ Wismer Park:


Field 1 (West) Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 (East)
A1 vs A4 3-0 B1 vs B4 1-2 C1 vs C4 4-1 D1 vs D4 6-0
A2 vs A3 1-0 B2 vs B3 0-8 C2 vs C3 6-0 D2 vs D3 8-0
A1 vs A3 1-0 B1 vs B3 2-0 C1 vs C3 2-1 D1 vs D3 7-0
A2 vs A4 0-2 B2 vs B4 1-3 C2 vs C4 3-0 D2 vs D4 4-0
A1 vs A2 3-0 B1 vs B2 6-1 C1 vs C2 0-4 D1 vs D2 4-1
A3 vs A4 0-1 B3 vs B4 8-2 C3 vs C4 2-2 D3 vs D4 1-10


(A1 vs. B2)

RHMS vs. RDS 4-5 (OT)

(B1 vs. A2)

LCA vs. HC 6-1

(C1 vs. D2)

FDS vs. VIS 7-1

(C2 vs. D1)

GAA vs. Prestige 3-2

(Q1 Win vs. Q3 Win)

RDS vs. FDS 0-5

Q2 Win vs. Q4 Win

LCA vs. GAA 3-2


FDS vs. LCA 6-0

3rd Place:

RDS vs. GAA 2-1