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December 14, 2016

U20 SSAF Ski/ Snowboard event
Registration will not close until Friday, January 20.  Below are more details. 
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Event Date: Friday, January 27 2017

Event Venue: Blue Mountain Resorts  (South Base Lodge)

Event Type: Giant Slalom (Cruiser)

Divisions:  U20

Races: aim to start at 10:00 am (Ski racers first, snowboard second)

Event finishes at 2 pm (approximately)

Presentation of Medals and banners: 2:15 pm

Bus Pick-up: 2:30 pm

Team Costs (HST included in tickets):

  •   school billed per racer (from SSAF account) 

–       Team/Youth (Ages 6-17) Lift tickets: $37.00

–      Coaching Staff: $10… (max: 1/10 ratio)

–      Adult Lift (18+/parents) tickets: $54

–      Meal Voucher Option: $11

  • A maximum of 150 racers for this event.
  • A cap of 4 participants per event for each age category (this can be extended as and when we know numbers).