Registration Guide

Please follow the steps below to register your team(s) in an Athletic Event or watch video.

1. Select the Athletic Event  or Season using the Tabs (Fall, Winter or Spring)

2. Click on the Log in button on the right side panel >>>>

Note: If you don’t have yet full access to the registration area, contact us by  e-mail providing your name/ school name and athletic director.  We will confirm your information and grant you access to the registration part of the website.

3. A new window will open.  Input your credentials (User Name and Password)

Remember: Only SSAF members will have credentials to be able to register a team in an event.

4. Once you log in you will see the “Dashboard” of your account.

5. Find the tournament you want by using the TABs at the top of the Athletic Events page

6. Scroll down the page and Click on the link “leave a reply” (This will allow you to register)

7. In the “Comment” box indicate the following (Conveners will use it to contact you)

a. The name of the school 

b. Your e-mail address 

c. Your Name

8. Click on “Post Comment” (This will confirm your school’s registration in the event)

9. A confirmation window will appear showing the information you provided.

10. Maximize the Log In window and Log out.

Find the log out link at the top right by hovering over the icon log out

Note: A 15 minutes automatic log out is in place for security reasons.


Please contact us if you experience any difficulty.