About Us

Dear SSAF Members,

We see that individual schools are beginning or have begun inviting other schools for basketball and volleyball games. This is a decision made by your individual school to take the inherent risks involved in these activities. We appreciate your efforts to resume competition, but would like to clarify that these are unsanctioned SSAF events.

Many schools are not ready to allow other schools to enter their building or vice versa, and will continue to offer their own intramural competition within or between cohorts.

Due to this we are not ready to resume SSAF-wide leagues or tournaments.

Hopefully, this changes in the coming months and we can begin planning some events.

Yvonne Cahill

SSAF Vice President


The SSAF was developed to provide small schools and/or independent schools with a definite avenue for, but not limited by, the expression of physical talents. Our purpose is multi-fold. We want to provide girls and boys with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities at a higher level of skill than generally found in the intramural program. The SSAF also encourages students to participate in activities in a climate of fair play and sportsmanship.

The pursuit of physical excellence is encouraged but is not the ultimate objective. We aspire to instil in our athletes those qualities which enable them to lead socially able and physically fit lives outside of the educational environment. We wish to reinforce qualities of courtesy, sportsmanship and self-respect. It is our desire to instil an appreciation of and a realistic appraisal of the concepts of success and failure.

We aim to combine satisfying interpersonal relationships with competition and offer a positive social environment in which one may pursue friendship and social responsibility. In short, sport is a medium through which we acknowledge the many capacities of the individual, and we reinforce these experiences which will bolster the rewards and satisfaction of total participation in each given school.